Special Events
Welcome to the Events Committee -- events@landsdowne.org
(Chair:  Cindi Potter)
Members:  Cati Anderson, Jeannette Baker, Jeffrey Campeau, Pam Eichhorn, Margaret Flanagan, Dan Hamlin, Maria Hessie, Hilaire Henthorne, Vicki Lillicrapp, Jo Mears, Karen Singh
Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 12, 7 PM to 8:30 Pm at the Wegman's seating area near The Pub.  Everyone is welcome.  This meeting will cover:
  • Updates on planned events.
  • Update on the Welcome to Landsdowne Project.
We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to complete the online questionnaire found on the website.  This will help tremendously in planning for activities this year.  One hold the date now –
  • Please check the Events tab on the home page for the most up to date information on all scheduled events.
A new formed Social Group -- Landsdowne Dines Out
Landsdowne Dines Out is a newly formed social group for all and by our residents. Our first event will be scheduled shortly.  This is a time to enjoy a fun time out while visiting fun, area restaurants.  It is also a time to meet fellow residents and friends.