Special Events
Welcome to the Events Committee -- events@landsdowne.org
Disbanded per Covid-19 Restrictions by unanimous vote of the BOD on 12/15/2020. The BOD will consider reestablishment of the committee at a future date TBD.
December 13, 2020 Meeting
Notification -- 12/13/20 7pm  Zoom Meeting -- Marquees, Website (Upcoming Events & Meetings), email to previous members and volunteers
Meeting -- https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5306xxxx28 (Full log in available upon request)
The 12/13/2020 Zoom Meeting was called to order promptly at 7 pm by mutual agreement.  Those in attendance included  --  Cindi Potter, Margaret Flanagan, Jo Mears, Maria Hessie
Purpose:  The sole purpose of the meeting was to establish, if possible, a 2020-21 Events Committee and to determine membership.  Interested parties included either by attending or by previous notification:  Cati Anderson, Melanie Dash, Margaret Flanagan, Dan Hamlin, Maria Hessie, Mary Leslein, Jo Mears, Monica Mardel, Cindi Potter, Christa Zabelsky
Action -- After discussion among the attendees, due to COVID restrictions and the inability to plan community wide events presently, with participation limited to 10 or less persons, a recommendation will be made to the board at the 12/15/20 meeting to put this committee on hiatus for an indefinite period of time.   The reestablishment of this committee would be revisited by the Board of Directors at an appropriate time in the future.  
Adjounment:  Business was complete at 7:06 pm.  The meeting was adjourned by unanimous agreement of attendees at 7:10 pm.