All the Committees in Landsdowne are there to help with the vast amount of work that it takes to keep a community a great place to call home.  Volunteers in the community are needed and appreciated, so that we all work together, not for personal agendas, but for the betterment of the community as a whole.
The Finance Committee - (Chair: Shane McClung)
This is a group of volunteers from our community who are charged with developing, implementing, overseeing and advising the Board on policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of the community budget and expenditures.
The Annual Budget is formed due to many groups working together:
  • The Management Company reporting and tracking the contracts, previous expenses and income, and forecasting the next years expenses and income.
  • The many other individual Committees propose forecasted expenses and maintenance needed.
  • The Finance Committee review of the Reserve Study, the reserve accounts, the accounting statements, and helping forecast fiscal responsibility.  To help ensure the community is "healthy" in its finances.
  • The Board of Directors to be a final review and approving authority, by way of official vote, of the budget, based on all the input of the groups mentioned above.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions relating to this committee, please submit a ticket through the Request Manager (Linked Here).
Next Scheduled Meeting:
The Committee Meetings are usually via a Zoom (unless otherwise posted). All were welcome to attend. Please visit the Events page to see the upcoming meeting schedules (Click Here).
Meeting Minutes History:
**Meeting Minutes will be posted after they have been approved.  Minutes are approved at the following meeting. 
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