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March 20, 2019


Landsdowne Townhome Street Maintenance, Parking Space Painting Notification and Parking Policy


Dear Neighbors,

We are so pleased to announce that after two years of work, the townhome parking spaces will be painted the week of April 1-8, 2019.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Parking Committee, various community volunteers and FirstService Residential, our management company, we thank you for your patience.  

With the painting of the parking spots, each unit will now have one reserved parking spot. 

Additionally, to try and minimize resident’s inconvenience and cost to the association, we have also contracted to have asphalt maintenance done on several townhome streets.  This work would normally be done this Summer, but it is more cost effective (we don’t have to paint twice) to have it done now.  Alas, both painting and repair can’t be done on the same day, so let’s just rip the band-aide off and get it done instead of coming back in a few months and doing this again.

To facilitate the painting and street work, all vehicles must be moved by 7:00 am the morning of the painting/work or your vehicle will be towed at your expense!

Weather permitting, the schedule is as follows:

Friday, March 29:

Crackseal Asphalt Repair: High Valley Lane, Topper Court and Morning View Court

Monday, April 1:     

Painting: Morning Glen Court, Old Carriage Way and Old Carriage Drive (partial)

Crackseal Asphalt Repair: Old Carriage Drive, Old Carriage Way, Old Carriage Trail, and Pool Parking Lot

Tuesday, April 2: 

Painting: Sky Blue Court

Crackseal Asphalt Repair: Old Carriage Dr., Old Carriage Way, Old Carriage Trail, and Pool Parking Lot (Crackseal work should all be done in one day, but it is possible that not all areas will be finished. We will try and provide more information when we receive it, but to be safe, move your vehicle for both days.)


Wednesday, April 3:  Sky Blue Drive and Old Carriage Lane
Thursday, April 4:  High Valley Lane and Topper Court
Friday, April 5:  Morning View Court, Morning Meadow Court
Monday, April 8:  Old Carriage Drive (partial) and Old Carriage Trail


In the unfortunate event that you do not move your vehicle, it will need to be towed in order to complete the work.  If towed, please contact Dominion Towing at 703-339-2400.  Please note that vehicle owner will be responsible for all costs related to towing of the vehicle. 

Parking Policy
The Board of Directors has also updated the Parking Policy which governs the use of all parking spaces in the townhome areas.   The full parking policy is available at www.landsdowne.org
.  The Board strongly encourages you to read the full policy, so you can familiarize yourself.


But, here are some highlights of the Parking Policy:

All vehicles, no matter if parked in a reserved parking spot or an unassigned spot, must display current licenses and other required registration and safety inspection permits and decals, must comply with all applicable Commonwealth of Virginia laws and Fairfax County ordinances, and must be maintained in proper operating condition so as not to be a hazard or nuisance due to noise, exhaust emissions, fluid leakage, or flat tires.

Unassigned spaces are intended for short term resident parking, guests, visitors, and invitees of residents. No vehicle may be parked in an unassigned parking space for more than seventy-two (72) consecutive hours or it will be subject to towing by the Association at the owner’s expense.

In the event of extended travel that may require parking a second vehicle in an unassigned spot, a written request must be submitted to the management company. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Association has engaged a towing contractor to tow vehicles parked illegally or in violation of the Declaration within the boundaries of the Association, including vehicles parked in fire lanes or blocking sidewalks. These boundaries include all paved areas on Association-owned streets. Any vehicle parked illegally within the Association may be towed without warning and will be at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Any homeowner or resident can authorize the towing of a vehicle parked in the lot’s assigned parking space or driveway by calling the Association’s property manager or the Association’s designated towing company and signing the required authorization form provided by the towing contractor upon their arrival at the parking space or driveway.

Vehicles parked in non-reserved parking spaces in violation of the Association’s parking policy may only be towed with the approval of the Board’s President (acting under the authority of the Board) who will authorize the management agent to arrange for the vehicle to be towed. Residents who observe a vehicle parked in violation of the Declaration in a non-reserved space should contact the management company.

The lot owner of any vehicle parked in violation of the Declaration may alternatively be assessed $50 per violation or $10 per day for a continuing violation for a maximum of 90 days after notice and hearing before the Board of Directors.



Parking Policy (3/13/19)
The full Parking Policy is found by clicking here.
FirstService Residential
FirstService Residential (FSR) is our community management company.  For information concerning your account, dues, resale packets and general community information, please contact Marck Rossy, the Landsdonwne Property Manager directly.

Community Association Manager

11351 Random Hills Rd. Ste 500 | Fairfax, VA 22030
Main 703-385-1133 | Direct 703-679-1524
Email marck.rossy@fsresidential.com

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