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a place we love to call home. This website really is “all about you” Landsdowne. Please take a few minutes to review the various sections we have included. It is a snapshot into our community. It will give highlights of events, insight into issues of importance and serve as a neighbor to neighbor resource. Please also check back frequently. We hope to keep this site informative, updated, and fun.

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Community Leaf Collection Day --  Saturday, November 16 "the fine print."  The LCA board and Landscaping Committee are happy to once again be offering this service to our residents.  November 16 and December 14 are the dates.  Premium Lawn and Landscape will be assisting us with this service.   Mom Nature has suddenly decided cooler temperatures are appropriate.  The leaves are beginning to fall all over Landsdowne -- whether you have a tree or not.  You are also welcome to bag leaves (in brown paper or clear plastic bags) and leave them out for Monday yard waste pickup.

The "need to know" rules to be followed for our community pick up are simple.  Please take a few minutes to review the
  • Premium will be in Landsdowne beginning early in the morning on Saturday to begin the process.  There are a lot of streets to cover -- and they make many passes throughout the community to assure most leaves are removed.
  • All leaves must be ready for pickup by 1 pm at the latest.  The last pass will begin at that time.  Your leaves will be removed even if they have previously been down your street -- if they are there by 1 pm.
  • All leaves must be raked into the street (not on sidewalks or on the curb or in your driveway) and may not be blocked by any vehicles -- nor block the mailboxes (private or community) for pickup or your mail will not be delivered.
  • We will be notifying the Post Office of this scheduled event.  We know this is an inconvenience for mail delivery.  Our mail carrier often gets a little "testy" on these event days.  Please accept his frustration for what it is -- just that -- frustration.  Please remember, too -- he has a job to do -- on a time schedule -- and Landsdowne is a mobile carrier route -- not a walking route.
  • Leaf piles located between parked cars will also not be picked up due to the potential damage to vehicles.  The huge vacuum needs great maneuverability and access in order to do the job.
  • Bagged leaves will not be taken with the Saturday community wide cleanup. This collection is for leaves only -- not branches or other yard debris.
  • In the townhome areas, please, if possible, rake your piles to a central location at the end of each row for easiest removal. Leaves raked into piles in regular parking spaces (to the front or, or side of parked cars) will not be taken, especially if the space on either side is not also open.
  • Regardless of where the piles are created, please do not allow the piles to become so large that they impede a good traffic flow. If you pile your leaves into the street, please be cautious and aware that they are magnets for kids (and pets) who love to jump into and play in them.  Always keep a watchful eye.  You will also need to re-rake any leaves that are used for play areasThe crews would always appreciate water or snacks.  They work very hard to get our leaves removed.
Landscaping@Landsdowne.Org will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  On the day of pick up if you have any specific questions please text or call (571-237-5813).
Paint Recycling Event -- Saturday, November 16 -- 9 am to Noon in the pool parking lot.  
See the included photo for details.  
FirstService Residential
FirstService Residential (FSR) is our community management company.  For information concerning your account, dues, resale packets and general community information, please contact Marck Rossy, the Landsdonwne Property Manager directly.

Community Association Manager

11351 Random Hills Rd. Ste 500 | Fairfax, VA 22030
Main 703-385-1133 | Direct 703-679-1524
Email marck.rossy@fsresidential.com

Christmas Tree Lighting and Party
Saturday, December 14th, 5 pm
Please join us for our Annual Christmas Tree Lighting and holiday party at the Pool.  This has become an annual tradition enjoyed by all.  Stay tuned for upcoming details.
What's New
News from Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay
Posted on Nov 13th, 2018
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Wha's New This Week (November 11 to 18)
Posted on Nov 12th, 2018
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Parking Policy (3/13/19)
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