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ARB Annual Inspections
Posted on Jun 19th, 2017 Comments (0)
Believe it or not, Landsdowne is 30 years old.  With age, comes a few “wrinkles” in need of a minor or major “face lift.”  Most of our homes are still in excellent shape, however there are some that have gone to more noticeable disrepair.
Beginning April this week all homes will be reviewed as part of our yearly inspection.  Curb appeal is what keeps home values up and sales consistently strong in our community.  Homes will not be inspected for the most decorative, or most appealing.  Homes will be inspected for exterior areas in need of repair. 
The purpose of this inspection is not to cause undue financial hardship or to require each neighbor to be a clone of the next. It is to point out significant areas needing attention.  An adequate timeline will be given for repair.  If you are unable to meet the repair deadlines it will be incumbent upon you to come to a BOD meeting, arrange to meet with the BOD and/or ARB, and negotiate a repair timeline.
For a list of items being reviewed, please continue reading. Please note that this list is NOT all inclusive. We have also included a graphic outlining some of the different terms you may see should you receive a notice of repair needed.

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