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Welcome to the Landsdowne community home page. Please come back often to get news and important information about what is going on in our community. 
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A few nights ago the Landsdowne Board of Directors voted to officially oppose a proposed development intended to construct 300 residential apartments located in the Hilltop Village area. The space is currently serving as the parking lot adjacent to Panda Express and was originally zoned for commercial use. The new proposal seeks to rezone the area for five story multi-family residential use apartments.
The BOD is concerned that the development will negatively impact Landsdowne in multiple ways and eventually reduce property values. Specifically:
1. The proposal is requiring a significant 50% increase to the Floor Area Ratio (FAR), which means a much larger structure than was originally planned for (5 stories rather than 3).
2. The increased residential use is not proportional with the open space and amenities currently servicing the area.
3. The increased traffic is a safety and congestion issue.
4. Parking concerns, especially extended use of Landsdowne and adjacent streets without additional investment (lights, curbsides etc.).
5. Concern that the type and size of the planned development does not fit with the surrounding community (townhomes and single-family homes vs. apartments).

The BOD is asking residents to do at least one of the actions listed below - which will greatly increase our chances of halting or modifying this project, but at a minimum please take 2 minutes to sign the petition.
1. Sign an online petition that will be delivered to our local elected officials that represent Landsdowne. To sign the petition please click on this link.
2. Send an email stating your opposition to the project. Please send all emails to one or more of our local representative listed below. Please reference the following plan code in your email: PC19-LE-005, HILLTOP VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER.
Chairman of the
Board of Supervisors
Jeffrey C. Mckay
Lee District Supervisor
Rodney L. Lusk
Mount Vernon District Supervisor
Daniel G. "Dan" Storck
Delegate from the 43rd district of Virginia
Mark D. Sickles
State Senator from the 39th district of Virginia
George L. Barker
3. Virtually attend the Lee District SSPA Task Force meeting on August 10th at 7:00pm using this link, and voice your opposition to the project.
For more information on the planned development please see the following links:
2020 Pool Season Canceled
The Landsdowne Board of Directors, after a special board meeting, voted to not open the pool for the 2020 season due to various issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic.   The decision was not made lightly and after input from residents, legal counsel and our management company.
For more information, please see the statement that was read by the board president at the July board meeting.   If you have question, please email the board president at president@landsdowne.org.  
To provide resident input please contact us at board@landsdowne.org
Dues - Association dues as of January 1 will be $305.27 (townhomes) and $228.49 (single family homes) and are payable in full on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.  If you are still paying by check and If you have not received your coupons, please contact FirstService Residential (FSR) Customer Care Center at 1-866-433-3187.  They may also be reached by email at AR.DCMetro@fsresidential.com.  Not having a coupon book is no excuse for not paying your dues.  If you have questions or concerns, always reach out to the board or FSR.
Upcoming Meetings - The 2020 Meetings of the Board of Directors have been changed to the 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:30 pm at the Kingstowne Center for Active Adults (Next to the Library in the Landsdowne Centre).  
  • Meeting dates follow -- 7/21, 8/18, 9/15, 10/20, 11/17 and 12/15.
Meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend.  A portion of each meeting is set aside for resident inquiries.  This is your way to be involved in the business of Landsdowne.  
FirstService Residential
FirstService Residential (FSR) is our community management company.  For information concerning your account, dues, resale packets and general community information, please contact Marck Rossy, the Landsdonwne Property Manager directly.

Community Association Manager

11351 Random Hills Rd. Ste 500 | Fairfax, VA 22030
Main 703-385-1133 | Direct 703-679-1524
Email marck.rossy@fsresidential.com

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