All the Committees in Landsdowne are there to help with the vast amount of work that it takes to keep a community a great place to call home.  Volunteers in the community are needed and appreciated, so that we all work together, not for personal agendas, but for the betterment of the community as a whole.
The Landscaping Committee - (Chair: Steven Horneman)
Welcome to the Landscaping Committee! Everyone is welcome to attend or to join the committee. We need you. You do not have to be a gardener or even know much about plants to join. The "education" factors will be provided -- the only requirements -- you like spending a little time outside -- you know what dirt, grass and weeds *the normal garden variety :-) ), shrubs, vines and trees are. And, you are interested in keeping Landsdowne a safe, visually appealing place to call home.
In the meantime, we depend on your eyes and observations to let us know how you view our community. Please let us know --If you feel there are trees or others locations in the common area that need attention; If you see areas that appear to be eroding; If you know of areas where noxious plants thrive; if you know of boggy areas; if there are chronic mud pits; If you have ideas for landscaping related projects you would like the committee to address; and more, please reach out.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions relating to this committee, please submit a ticket through the Request Manager (Linked Here).
Next Scheduled Meeting:
The Committee Meetings are usually via a Zoom (unless otherwise posted). All were welcome to attend. Please visit the Events page to see the upcoming meeting schedules (Click Here).
Meeting Minutes History:
**Meeting Minutes will be posted after they have been approved.  Minutes are approved at the following meeting. 
2021.04.19 - Issues Discussion
2021.03.14 - Issues Discussion
2021.01.27 - Meet and Greet Professional Grounds, Inc.
2020.12.13 - Landscape Committee Meeting