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Chair/Board Liaison:  Cindi Potter
April 19, 2021 -- Issues Discussion
Meeting -- (Full log in available upon request
Chair/Board Liaison:  Cindi Potter
Members in attendance -- Cindi Potter, Chair & Janet Stypula, Joe Gablin, Joe Mears, Jan Pickrel, Dan Hamlin, Jim Wessels, Tom Sieracki
The meeting addressed --
  • Dan Hamlin -- Gave a brief overview of the first ProGrounds grounds care.  Areas addressed included overall turf care, mulching, and other common ground concerns.  A good first start.  Edging is done on the 2nd service in each month.  Community mulching was also discussed.  Areas were missed -- but taken care of by ProGrounds over a 3 visit cycle.
  • Janet Stypula -- Adopt a Spot will kick off on Earth Day 4/22 with a meeting in the pool parking lot on 5/1 or 2 TBD to establish areas and volunteers.
  • Committee whole -- reviewed tree issues in the Townhome bumpouts for safety, overgrowth and encroachment on the designated arewas.  A full list of those suggested for removal will be presented to the BOD on 4/20.  A vote to ove forward with estimates for removal will be sought.
Items for discussion in May.  Tree concerns (rear of residences), Sky Blue Court remediation, Drainage, Root intrusion concerns, Community replanting of t=lost trees, Phase 2 reestablishment of planting plans for trees removed from the bumpout areas.
March 14, 2021 -- Issues Discussion
Notification -- Website (Upcoming Events)
Meeting -- (Full log in available upon request
Chair/Board Liaison:  Cindi Potter
Members in attendance:  Cindi Potter, Chair & Joe Gablin, Jo Mears, Jan PIckrel, Janet Stypula, Tom Sieraki
Meeting Called to Order -- 7:05 pm; Adjourned 9 pm
The meeting was called to address resident presented issues (tree planting, and rework of common ground); Spring flower changeout; Sky Blue Drive Island repurpose; picnic table addition on common ground; draining behind 6624 SKy Blue Court and Adopt a Spot.  All recommendations will be presented to the board on 3/16/21.
January 27, 2021 -- Meet and Greet Professional Grounds, Inc.
Notification -- 1/27/2021 7:30pm Zoom Meeting -- Website (Upcoming Events)
Meeting -- (Full log in available upon request
The 1/27/21 Zoom Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm   Those in attendance -- BOD Members -- Cindi Potter, Emanuel Dash. Toni Freeland and Joe Mears.  Landscape Committee Members -- Janet Stypula, Joe Gablin, Sidi Chendid, Dan Hamlin, Jim Wessels.  Professional Grounds, Inc -- Timothy Trimmer (President) and Jason Cave (Landsdowne Site Manager).  (Note:  This was not a formal committee meeting.  No business was conducted or actions requiring a vote were taken.)
Purpose:  The sole purpose of this event was a meet/greet with our new grounds company -- Professional Grounds, Inc. (ProGrounds)  to put names with faces.  ProGrounds gave a brief assessment and overview of our community from their perspective.  Their view is we are not in bad shape for a community our age -- with turf areas and trees needing primary attention.  Basic grounds care will begin in the March/April time frame (weather permitting).  Mulch service will take place in February.  Perennial pruning is complete.  The need for a good line of communication was emphasized, with notification they are to inform the committee if there are basic common ground resident requests.  ProGrounds process is to provide a day before service email.  Emanuel Dash also will be highlighting works in progress on our communication resources.
A brief overview of the snow event process was also discussed.  Primary notification is to Jay Dick (BOD President) and Cindi Potter (primary POC) with additional notification to the board.  
The upcoming need for the committee is to discuss the spring flower rotation.  The Landscaping Committee witll be working in area of interest teams this year TBD at the first formal meeting in February.
Adjournment: 8 pm by mutual agreement.
December 13, 2020 Landscape Committee Meeting
Notification -- 12/13/20 6:30pm  Zoom Meeting -- Marquees, Website (Upcoming Events & Meetings), email to previous members and volunteers
Meeting -- (Full log in available upon request)
The 12/13/2020 Zoom Meeting was called to order promptly at 6:30 pm by mutual agreement.  Those in attendance included  --  Cindi Potter, Margaret Flanagan, Jo Mears, Joe Gablin
Purpose:  The sole purpose of the meeting was to establish a 2020-21 Landscaping Committee and to determine membership.  Membership included either by attending or by previous notification:  Sidi Chendid, Dan Daddario, Ellen Drudy, Joe Gablin, Dan Hamlin, Jo Mears, Jan Pickrel, Janet Stypula, Jim Wessels, Daniel Zubruzcki
Action: The purpose of this meeting was to establish the committee and it's membership.  A overview was given of our new grounds company -- Professional Grounds.  A brief discussion of our snow protocol also took place, noting additional discussion will also take place at the December 15 Board of Directors meeting.  A zoom meeting will be set up in early January to meet our new contractor and to go over expectations.
Adjounment:  Business was complete at 6:46 pm.  The meeting was adjourned by unanimous agreement of attendees at 6:48 pm.
Notes --  
Everyone is welcome to attend or to join the committee. We need you. You do not have to be a gardener or even know much about plants to join. The "education" factors will be provided -- the only requirements -- you like spending a little time outside -- you know what dirt, grass and weeds *the normal garden variety :-) ), shrubs, vines and trees are. And, you are interested in keeping Landsdowne a safe, visually appealing place to call home.
In the meantime, we depend on your eyes and observations to let us know how you view our community. Please let us know --If you feel there are trees or others locations in the common area that need attention; If you see areas that appear to be eroding; If you know of areas where noxious plants thrive; if you know of boggy areas; if there are chronic mud pits; If you have ideas for landscaping related projects you would like the committee to address; and more, please let us know at