Landscaping Committee (
(Chair: Cindi Potter)
Members: Dan Daddario, Paul Gagnon, Dan Hamlin, Jo Mears, Jo Mayer, Mark Moser,
Jan Pickrel, Justin Shirk, Jim Wessels, Roxane White
March Meeting -- Tuesday, March 13 - 7 pm -- Wegman's Seating Area near The Pub.  
Everyone is welcome to attend or to join the committee. We need you. You do not have to be a gardener or even know much about plants to join. The "education" factors will be provided -- the only requirements -- you like spending a little time outside -- you know what dirt, grass and weeds *the normal garden variety :-) ), shrubs, vines and trees are. And, you are interested in keeping Landsdowne a safe, visually appealing place to call home.
In the meantime, we depend on your eyes and observations to let us know how you view our community. Please let us know --If you feel there are trees or others locations in the common area that need attention; If you see areas that appear to be eroding; If you know of areas where noxious plants thrive; if you know of boggy areas; if there are chronic mud pits; If you have ideas for landscaping related projects you would like the committee to address; and more, please let us know at 
General Notes
Prior to the meeting a quick FYI concerning yard waste and plastic bags. From TrashAway -- “Fairfax County Yard Waste Update: The ban on plastic bags for yard waste has been postponed indefinitely. While other options are more environmentally friendly, we understand if residents have already purchased plastic yard waste bags and as long they are accepted at the disposal facility we intend to accept them.”
The link to the county information is