Welcome to the Landscaping Committee (
Chair/Board Liaison:  Cindi Potter
Notification -- 12/13/20 6:30pm  Zoom Meeting -- Marquees, Website (Upcoming Events & Meetings), email to previous members and volunteers
Meeting -- (Full log in available upon request)
The 12/13/2020 Zoom Meeting was called to order promptly at 6:30 pm by mutual agreement.  Those in attendance included  --  Cindi Potter, Margaret Flanagan, Jo Mears, Joe Gablin
Purpose:  The sole purpose of the meeting was to establish a 2020-21 Landscaping Committee and to determine membership.  Membership included either by attending or by previous notification:  Sidi Chendid, Dan Daddario, Ellen Drudy, Joe Gablin, Dan Hamlin, Jo Mears, Jan Pickrel, Janet Stypula, Jim Wessels, Daniel Zubruzcki
Action: The purpose of this meeting was to establish the committee and it's membership.  A overview was given of our new grounds company -- Professional Grounds.  A brief discussion of our snow protocol also took place, noting additional discussion will also take place at the December 15 Board of Directors meeting.  A zoom meeting will be set up in early January to meet our new contractor and to go over expectations.
Adjounment:  Business was complete at 6:46 pm.  The meeting was adjourned by unanimous agreement of attendees at 6:48 pm.
Notes --  
Everyone is welcome to attend or to join the committee. We need you. You do not have to be a gardener or even know much about plants to join. The "education" factors will be provided -- the only requirements -- you like spending a little time outside -- you know what dirt, grass and weeds *the normal garden variety :-) ), shrubs, vines and trees are. And, you are interested in keeping Landsdowne a safe, visually appealing place to call home.
In the meantime, we depend on your eyes and observations to let us know how you view our community. Please let us know --If you feel there are trees or others locations in the common area that need attention; If you see areas that appear to be eroding; If you know of areas where noxious plants thrive; if you know of boggy areas; if there are chronic mud pits; If you have ideas for landscaping related projects you would like the committee to address; and more, please let us know at