First Service Residential
Community Manager - Marck Rossy is a certified manager of community associations.  He is a graduate of George Mason University and a U.S. Army Veteran.  In his free time he enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his family.  Marck has been with Landsdowne since 2011.
To contact Marck or FSR please use the following: 
11351 Random Hills Rd. Ste 500 | Fairfax, VA 22030
Main 703-385-1133 | Direct 703-679-1524 | Fax 703-591-5785
FSR's portal for Landsdowne can be found here
HOA Dues and Homeowner Information
  • How do I find out specific information concerning my residence? 
The best place to go is FSR's website ( You will need to register for the service, but once there you can find information on your financial account, residence, commmunity forms, documents and more. 
  • Where do I mail my HOA dues and how much are they? 
You should have received a book for payments in December of each year. If you do not receive one, or if you lose your coupon book, please contact FSR customer service at 703-385-1133. If you are registered for Direct Debit payment of your dues, you will not receive a coupon payment book.
To pay by check, you will need your Landsdowne Account Number on your check. Without the account number and/or a coupon book, your payment may be rejected. Lack of a coupon booklet does not excuse you from paying dues. Mail payment to: 
Landsdowne Community Association
c/o FirstService Residential
PO Box 62010
Newark, NJ 07101
If you have any questions on dues or other payments, please contact FSR customer service at 703-385-1133.