Architectural Review Board
All the Committees in Landsdowne are there to help with the vast amount of work that it takes to keep a community a great place to call home.  Volunteers in the community are needed and appreciated, so that we all work together, not for personal agendas, but for the betterment of the community as a whole.
Architectural Review Board (ARB) - (Chair:  Kent Bonner) 
The ARB is the only standing committee, and is required by the governing documents, that operates independent of the Board -- because the Board is the final decision maker in the event of an ARB appeal. The ARB is supported by a dedicated group of homeowners that volunteer their time to interpret the community guidelines and evaluate exterior modification proposals. They take great pride in serving the Landsdowne community and maintaining the aesthetic character of its built environment. 
The Architectural Review Board (ARB) serves several community functions, including, but not limited to:
  • Review and approve, modify, or disapprove written applications submitted by owners and the association for improvements or additions to the lots, living units, and common areas.
  • Conduct periodic inspections to determine compliance with the architectural standards and approved plans for alterations.
  • Adopt architectural guidelines, subject to modification by the BOD
Here's a bulleted summary of the Landsdowne ARB application/review process:
  • Landsdowne homeowner sends application to Property Management Company ARC.
  • Property Management Company ARC reviews application for completeness.
  • Property Management Company ARC emails completed application to ARB for review/approval.
  • ARB Chair performs conformance review of application and emails to ARB committee.
  • ARB committee reviews application and emails review comments to ARB Chair.
  • ARB Chair consolidates comments and records condition(s) of approval or reason(s) for denial.
  • ARB Chair emails signed application to Property Management Company ARC.
  • Property Management Company ARC files ARB decision and notifies homeowner.  
For questions related to the community guidelines, design review criteria, and the application review period, please refer to the Landsdowne Standards & Rules listed below.
Documents List:
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions relating to this committee, please submit a ticket through the Sequoia Cinc Website (Linked Here).