Improve Governing Docs
Committee to Improve LCA Governing Documents
The LCA governing documents consist of Declarations, Articles of Incorporation, and By-laws.  These documents were created by the builder of Landsdowne and contain a lot of language pertaining to the transition from builder-owned units to member owned units.  Much of this language is redundant.  Also, all amendments to the governing documents (which have been many) exist as separate documents.  
Our committee's goal is to work with the LCA lawyer to improve and clean up our governing documents.  All changes to the Articles of Incorporation and to the Declarations will have to be improved by members during a meeting of the members.
Status of 4-Step plan to be discussed at February Board Meeting
4-Step Plan to improve our governing documents
  1. Preliminary questions for our lawyer – completed
    Max asked Noel to add the lawyer’s letter to the First Service portal and the letter was also added to this committee web page in the documents section below. 

  2. Send out a poll to members regarding changes to our governing documents.
    The purpose of the poll is to obtain member views regarding major changes to our governing documents.
    The committee produced recommended text for a poll to be sent out to all members via the official voting process (VoteHOA).  The recommended text for the poll can be found on this committee web page below.

    Hopefully the Board can view the recommended text for the poll and be ready to discuss/approve a poll during the board meeting.  If the poll is approved, we can let the members know via a standard e-blast that the poll is coming and why we are doing a poll.

  3. After we receive the results of the member poll, the committee will work with the lawyer to obtain the exact text of our updated governing documents.
  4. The final step is for members to approve the new governing documents by voting at the next meeting of the members.
Committee Documents
Meeting Minutes
Minutes 202-15-2015.docx
Response from LCA Lawyer regarding preliminary questions
2023-01-30_Memo Initial Inquiries.pdf
Recommended Poll to be sent to members before lawyer starts main work on our documents
Poll questions for members v2.pdf