The Landsdowne Board of Directors consists of 9 volunteer members, and is elected by the property owners at the Annual Meeting held each October.  All members are elected to a 3-year term.  In the event a member leaves mid-term, a person may be appointed to complete any remaining time left in the term of the member that left.  Terms are staggered.  Board members are not compensated for their time in any way nor do they receive any reduction of dues or fines, if assessed.  If quorum is not reached at the Annual Meeting, where Board of Directors are elected, then the current Board of Directors will appoint persons to fill the vacancies until the next Annual Meeting.
The Board consists of an Executive Board (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and 5 Members at Large.  The Executive Board is elected by the 9 Directors to a 1 year term.  Each Executive Board position is reelected each year after the Annual Meeting.  Each position carries one equal vote.  The Board is the contracting authority for the community and and interpreting community policies and guidelines.  Neighbor to neighbor disputes are generally outside the purview of and the authority of the Board.
To reach any Board member or our FirstService Residential representatives, please do so by clicking the Contact Us link included here.  We are all happy to help in any way and love to hear what is on your mind. Please check out our Board of Directors Bios.
Landsdowne Board of Directors
2021/ 2022
Name Board Position Term Ends
Kayla Mozier President 2025
Linda Erwin Vice President 2025
Brian Cabotaje Secretary 2023
Jay Dick Treasurer 2023
Toni Freeland Member at Large 2023
Katrina Ksander Member at Large 2024
Maxwell Phillips Member at Large 2025
Cindi Potter Member at Large 2024
Danielle Kell Member at Large 2024
Landsdowne/First Services Residential Management Contacts
Name Position Held
Norl Arevalo ( Landsdowne Property Manager
Vacant Landsdowne Site Administrator