Board of Directors Bios
Board President - Toni Freeland 
I have owned a home and lived in the Landsdowne Community since 2003.  When I first looked at homes in Landsdowne, I knew this was the place I would like to live and eventually raise my family, and I have done just that!    I have volunteered to help at Landsdowne community gatherings over the years, as well as held multiple volunteer positions with various local organizations to include LMVSC, SYC and the Hayfield Drama Boosters.  I took a more active role in the community when I became involved with the parking initiative and a member of the parking committee about 4 or 5 years back.  Since then I have served on various Landsdowne Community committees to include the nominations committee, the finance committee, the pool committee and I have joined the recently stood up pool recreations committee.  For the past three years I have had the pleasure of serving as a Landsdowne Board Member.  My time on the board started with serving as the Landsdowne Board Secretary, a position that I held until I took on the role of Vice President two years ago and am still serving as today.  Additionally, as the Vice President I took on the special project of playground renovations, which lead to the tire rubber ground fill being replaced with playground wood chips at all three Landsdowne playgrounds as well as the 30 year playground structure being replaced with a beautiful new playground structure at the large playground next to the pool.  I am fair minded and always have the community's best interest at heart when making Landsdowne Board related decisions.  My goal is to keep Landsdowne a place we all love to call home.  I am a government civilian, currently working for the Army, and have two children, Aiden (16) & Lucy (13) - who are my pride and joy.  We also have a yellow lab and a beagle mix rescue, Sandee & Shaymus - AKA The "S" Dogs, who are a continuous source of entertainment and love for my family and everyone they meet! 
Board Vice President - Vacant
Board Secretary - Cindi Potter 
Hello Landsdowne. Since 1993, this truly has been the place I love to call home. Professionally, I own a pet care company and a design firm specializing in small space, pet friendly interiors and gardens.  This allows me to utilize my formal education and certifications as an interior designer and landscape architect – skills I also bring to Landsdowne. Since moving to Landsdowne, I have served on every committee  with the exception of Government Relations and Finance, served as the chair of Landscaping and Events, continually, as well as on the Board of Directors, 3 of which were as President. Landsdowne is my home – and my passion  I share my home with senior labrador retrievers -- all from pet rescue.  People do not like to admit they have agendas when joining a Board.  I do! It has always been to build a sense of community through finding ways to make all our diverse community feel valued, heard – and wanting to be involved.   I love meeting our residents.  My door is always open.  Please never hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions or comments – or to just say hello.  You are my neighbors and my friends.  I am here to work for all of you.  ( 
Board Treasurer - Andrew Wright
I have resided in Landsdowne since 1999, first as a townhouse owner and currently as a single family home owner.  During this time I have served as a member of the Architectural Review Board for a number of years and attended countless community events including National Night Out, trash pick-up, dumpster day, dog swim, yard sale, etc. I’ll do my best to maintain the community atmosphere that we have, and to help guide Landsdowne into the future as we face challenges of aging infrastructure.
Member-at-Large - Jay Dick
I have called Landsdowne home since 2004 and before starting my current board term in 2017-2020, I had previously served three terms (nine years) two of which were as president.  Having lived in both a townhouse (High Valley Lane) and single family (Bold Lion Lane), I understand the needs and uniqueness of each.   Further, I served as Board President after the landslide behind Sky Blue Drive so I know that decisions that the board makes can have profound impact upon the residents of Landsdowne. 
I grew up in small town Iowa - population around 2,200 - which is similar to the population of Landsdowne.  Growing up, we knew our neighbors and they not only lived next to us, but were our friends.  After moving to the DC metro area after college, I never thought I would live in a place where I again felt so much at home. Not only do I know my neighbors, but we look out for each other and are true friends.   This is why I live in Landsdowne.
What can you expect of me as a board member?  I am engaged and direct but most importantly, my center self revolves around the concept of "what is fair."   When making decisions on the board, I always ask myself, what is the fair or right thing to do.   I find this litmus test has served me well over the years.   
Please feel free to come to board meetings to let us know your thoughts and concerns or you can email me at President at
Member-at-Large - Emanuel Dash
Emanuel has been a townhouse owner in Landsdowne since 2009. Emanuel moved to Landsdowne with his wife just before the birth of their first child because they were looking for a place to raise a family that felt like home, and Landsdowne had a reputation of being just such a place. Emanuel became active in the community a few years ago as Chairman of the Neighborhood Watch, and then was moved to run for the board to help ensure that our community remained a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Emanuel is a government contractor, and his wife Melanie is a math teacher at Hayfield Secondary School - together they have two spirited children, Eliya and Sofia, a cat Cleo, and two bunnies - Butterscotch and Marshmellow.   
Member-at-Large - Katrina Ksander
Member-at-Large - Sean Floyd
Member-at-Large - Bryan Cabotaje
Member-at-Large - Janet Stypula