9/12/11 -- Trash Pick Up
Posted on Sep 11th, 2011

Everyone --
Timing is everything – such is life. Unfortunately, as a result of the storms of last week some residents experienced water leakage in their basements. Even due to the extenuating circumstances due to County regulations, no cardboard boxes will be picked up with our regular Monday trash. This was verified with Trash Away and Fairfax County. The County will impose fines on Trash Away if they fail to follow the policy for cardboard recycling.
We ask that all members separate their regular trash, and yard waste as usual for Monday morning pick up. As for your cardboard you have three options:
1. Hold all cardboard (regular or wet) until recycling pick on Thursday out of sight in your own home.
2. Break down all cardboard and place it inside large sealed contractor or black trash bags and add as regular trash.
3. Take all cardboard boxes to the pool parking lot trash enclosure today for pick up by Trash Away on Thursday.
We know this is an inconvenience but we ask for, and appreciate, the cooperation of all Landsdowne residents.
Thank You,
The Landsdowne Board of Directors
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