So What's Happening Near By?
Posted on Sep 9th, 2011

Jay Dick
Government Relations Liaison
Landsdowne Board of Directors
I recently had the opportunity to speak with our county supervisor, Jeff McKay and thought I would pass on a few items that Landsdowne residents would find of interest.  As you have probably already heard, the lawsuit against Hilltop has been dropped thus allowing for construction to proceed on Wegmans and the rest of the development. It is expected that Wegmans will still open in early 2013. While the lawsuit has caused almost two years of delays, they have made up some of this lost time by continuing to do planning, obtaining permits, etc. Surveying for our traffic light (to be located at View Lane and Beulah Road) will take place within the next few weeks.
We should see lots of activity at the Springfield Mall starting in March when the substantial construction on the mall is scheduled to begin. There is a clause in the contracts with the stores that does not allow massive work to be done between October and February so that is why things won’t start until then. There is a grand ribbon cutting ceremony that is being planned for March to begin construction. But, there will be some minor, behind the scenes construction though during the October to February time frame.
Lastly, did you know that Island Creek Elementary is already at its capacity? The school is only a few years old and already full. I take that to be a great indicator that Landsdowne, and our area continues to be a great place to live and work.
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