How Are You Passing The Time?
Posted on Sep 9th, 2011

Well, day ???  who knows that -- and the forecast continues -- Rain, Rain, and More Rain! 
Yes -- it really is raining cats and dogs.  Schools are actually closed for, you guessed it -- Rain. (Wow...just imagine if this were snow!?!)  Cabin fever is starting to set in. 
So, to keep this fun, how are you spending the time while the storm sits on top of us?  Inquiring minds want to know.
Please post your comments below.  Make it fun, pass along tips.  Let's make the best of this funky weather.  Thanks!
Comment By: Cindi Potter
Posted on Sep 9, 2011

1st, we (my labs) leash up. 2nd, go to the door. 3rd, open door. B & Q look out, look at me, morph into donkeys. 4th, I coax, cajole, try bribing/treats, eventually get them out the door. 5th, they stop, I stop, we all...stand still. 6th, they give me the look like if you are stupid enough to want to pee/poop in this have at it. As for us, we are heading home. 7th, Cindi soaked; Pups dry/priceless