The Rain Continues -- Sept. 8, 2011 Eblast
Posted on Sep 8th, 2011

Everyone –
First, and foremost – please be safe. Do not go out unless you absolutely need to do so. We know many of us who have lived here for several years can never remember rain and water accumulation such as this. Mother Nature – we say Uncle. We give up – tell us what we need to do and we will do it. Do we build an ark (we are trying to find an Ark Building Instructor and necessary building permits now – but what is a cubit)? Do we line up the animals 2 x 2? Do we look into adding pontoons to our homes to make them houseboats? What do we do?
We are receiving many reports of flooded cul de sacs, drainage retention ponds, sewers, and more. All single family streets are maintained by Fairfax County. To gain a better understanding of the storm water management process and who to call, we refer you to the Fairfax County Department of Public Works (  ). If you are in a townhome, when you can safely do so, if you see storm drains clogged with leaves and other debris, we suggest grabbing a shovel and trying to clear them. The rain is not expected to stop significantly before this weekend. Unfortunately, where the water ends up is also flooded so it will take some time for this all to dissipate.
Sump pumps are working overtime in many of our homes right now – and some are finding their waterproofing – is not. The pool is almost to full capacity and ready to overflow. Some trees may come down if erosion takes hold. Please let us know if you are aware of this happening in your area.
Finally, if you have any pictures of interest – of the storm, of kids’ first day at school, of Landsdowne events, anything you would like to showcase, please send them to We will make every effort to include them in the next upcoming Beulah Corridor.
If you are in need of assistance, please let us know and though we cannot promise, we will make every effort to try to find people to help ( Please take care. We are all in this together.
The Landsdowne Board of Directors
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