What's Coming Up In Landsdowne
Posted on Aug 12th, 2012

By now you probably have received the latest Beulah Corridor magazine -- with our monthly "What's Happening in Landsdowne" article.  Please take a few minutes to read it (as well as the article on the inside back cover about Kids Sending Smiles -- an organization founded by our own Landsdowne kids (and a few friends from other communities)). 
This week we hope to have our new website online -- streamlined, new navigation, and a new look.  We also will be rolling our "Project Everyone Can Do Something."  Our personalized messages will begin again on our new electronic message boards -- details about posting will be added to the website soon.  Finally, we will be talking about t-shirt sales, events, and more.
Thanks for making Landsdowne truly the place we love to call home.
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