A !?! Really !?! Moment
Posted on Jul 29th, 2012

On a walk this morning down the walking path this is what was seen at the basketball court -- no less than 12 empty water bottles piled by the bench. (Picture 1)  And, no less than 30 feet away is a trash can.  So, what's wrong with this picture?  What is the problem walking those extra few steps? 
Special clean ups like this can cost us all in extra charges to the Association.  Is this really how you want us to spend our money?  How hard is it to walk a few extra steps after your game to drop bottles and other trash in the can provided?  Seriously!!!!
We are considering adding another can to this location -- but for now, please impress on your kids to do the right thing -- simply throw the trash away at the location provided.
Thanks!  PS.  This is where the trash can is located .. taken from the location of the trash.  PS .. we know is is sideways .. taken to make a point.  You can see the can even lying down.
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