Happy 4th of July
Posted on Jul 4th, 2012

Happy July 4th Everyone! 
May it be filled with good times, fun with family and friends -- and a few moments to remember what the day really means! 
Whether your day is spent at the pool, going to or having a picnic or barbeque, attending fireworks displays -- or simply just relaxing -- Enjoy.  Have fun.  Be Safe and have a great time.  If you drink .. don't drive!  We want you back here on July 5th. 
The pool will close at 8 pm today to allow the lifeguards to spend time with their friends!
We checked with the Fire Marshall's Office.  The only permitted fireworks are those types sold in the stands found almost everywhere.  A water source must be present with anything being used -- even sparklers.  No exceptions. Fireworks that explode, project into the air and cause sparks dispersal are not permitted. Those setting off illegally purchased fireworks of the type not permitted in the state will be visited by the FFCoPD and fines issued.  The danger of brush fires, and even fires to our homes is too great this year. 
Please take pictures and send them to us at  We would love to post them in the next Beulah Corridor.
Have fun -- and please tell us how you spent the 4th. 
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