Good Bye Marquees
Posted on Jun 26th, 2012

Hi Everyone –
Tonight ends an era – the era of the hand placed signs.  By noon tomorrow, the blue and green marquees will be gone.  (And who can forget the various colors over the years?)   Early next week our new electronic signs will be installed.  Shortly thereafter we will be back in business – 21st Century style.  We apologize but no sign requests between now and probably July 9th or 10th will be posted while we have the new signs installed and learn how to use them and their full capabilities.  Thanks for understanding.
Some of you know who Gilda Radner was – others may not.  Regardless, the sentiment fits –
“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next.”
In this case, the stories of Landsdowne do not have a beginning, middle and end.  Little did we know in November 2006 – back in the day when the marquees (message boards) were only used for the “official” news of the day/week/month an experiment to personalize them would become so popular.  Our first personal note was November 5, 2006 and was to wish a very special Happy Birthday to our then BOD President, Manny Ovalle.
Fast forward to the 6,029 individual posted signs (as of tonight).  211,015 minutes – 3,515.9167 hours (that equals who knows how many days), have been devoted to posting the special messages for all of Landsdowne who choose to send them.  Few requests were missed.  The messages were posted in rain, blizzards, hurricanes, sunny weather, cool weather, blazing heat, bone chilling cold, and each and every season.  The news and events of Landsdowne were always there. 
Children learned to read some special words by using the signs.  Many enjoyed reading the signs and the unique messages that changed almost daily.  We also celebrated the special moments of all of our lives – birthdays (some of our children actually grew up with a these signs), life's passing, anniversaries, marriage proposals, welcoming our military home from war, new residents, residents moving on to other places, graduations, holidays, lost and found, the arrival of friends and families, world events, honoring our police and fire, thanking our service providers, the crossing of special pets over Rainbow Bridge, the infamous great escape (and successful homecoming of Betty the Booper Beagle), and so much more.  Yes – these message boards told many stories of who we are and what is important to those who call Landsdowne – home.
Tonight will close a Landsdowne chapter, but not tell the end of the story.  With every closing comes an opportunity.  In this case, we are very excited to see the new signs – how they work – and to continue to inform the community of each and every unique request where possible.  We are a community – we are individuals – we are a place we truly love to call home.
Landsdowne Marquees – Thanks for a job well done!

The Community of Landsdowne
All 619 residences and over 2,600 residents
PS.  If you have pictures taken of marquees over the year we would love to have copies (.jpg format if possible – send to Communications@Landsdowne.Org ).
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