Pool Guest Pass Policy
Posted on Jun 14th, 2012

Each household was issued one 10-punch guest pass.  Each pass allows for 10 visits to the pool that shall be validated during each visit by a hole punch in the card.
More than one guest may accompany a residentof Landsdowne to the pool per visit but such additional guest visits will count toward the total maximum per card allocation of 10 visits per season.  A resident may bring up to 5 guests total at a time.
For example: the card has a total of 10 slots that can be punched so if two guests accompany a resident then two holes will be punched in the guest pool pass. If there are three guests accompanying the resident then three holes will be punched in the guest card, and so on.
Additional guest passes can be purchased fromthe Pool Committee for a fee of $20.  For information, please contact Pool@Landsdowne.Org.
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