A Personal Note from Manny Ovalle
Posted on May 21st, 2012

Hi Landsdowne --
As many of you may have noticed, from reading the eblast last evening, there have been a few changes to the 2012-13 Board of Directors.  We welcomes Jack Byers as our newest Member at Large.  He brings years of experience as an engineer, as well as enthusiasm for all things Landsdowne to the Board.  He will bring a new perspective to our discussions.
You may also have noticed we do, in fact, have a new President, Cindi Potter.  Most of you already know her from her boundless energy and passion for our community (and from the red box on wheels she drives every day around our community.)  She is a capable leader, a trained professional interior and landscape designer, possesses creative talent, and never sleeps.  She really loves this place we call home and cares deeply for all our residents -- without exception.  I hope you will give her your full support -- in ideas, volunteering, communicating and attending the opportunities presented to be involved our our community as a whole.
After serving six years as BOD President I did a lot of soul searching.  Did I feel I wanted to remain as President for another three years or remain on the Board in a Member capacity (with full voting rights)?  It was a very hard decision.  My own company, Special Resources Corporation (a law enforcement and business leadership training company) has grown significantly over the last two years -- to the point where it is requiring a great deal of my time and attention.  I felt it was not fair to remain in an equally demanding position here in Landsdowne.  I did wish to remain involved, here at home, and still have skills that mesh well with our Landsdowne community needs.  Hence, the decision to remain on the Board, but in a different capacity.  Again, this was a particularly difficult decision.
I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have given me to represent you over these last six years.  The Boards I have worked with are amazingly talented,  caring individuals.  Special thanks to Ron, Ross, Liz, Vicki, Marty, Jay, Dave and Cindi.  You are an amazing group of individuals.  Landsdowne, you will have to look long and hard to find a more unique, qualified group of people to represent all our interests here at home. 
Finally, thank you Landsdowne.  Because of you, this really is the place we (and I) love to call home.  Please keep in touch with any questions or concerns. I am still on the Board and still ready and willing to serve.
Manny Ovalle
Former President
Now Member at Large
Landsdowne Board of Directors
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