Did you miss the Annual Meeting?
Posted on May 20th, 2012

If so, you missed a fun time (yes, we said a fun time).  Full details will follow in a separate article.  For now, included here is the Mini-Newsletter everyone received, as well as a brief interest survey.  Please take a moment to complete the survey and return it to Communications@Landsdowne.Org this week.  Thanks so much.
We are pleased to let you know our new 2012-13 Board of Directors
  • Cindi Potter, President
  • Ron Ashby, Vice President
  • Ross Davis, Secretary
  • Liz Kraighman, Treasurer
Members at Large
  • Jack Byers (our newest member)
  • Marty Horowitz
  • Vicki Lillicrapp
  • Manny Ovalle
  • Dave Wallace
Please contact them at anytime.  They look forward to hearing from you.  It is a honor and privilege to serve you! 
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