2012 Pool Application Now On Line
Posted on May 29th, 2012

Landsdowne Community Association
2012 Pool Pass Application Procedure
One again this year, small, colored, imprinted badges will be used for pool admittance. The application period runs from April 22nd through May 19th. The only exception will be for those moving into Landsdowne on or after June 1st. Please discard all badges from previous years. The badges may be clipped on your bathing suit, towel or pool bag. This badge is to be displayed at all times while attending the pool and is non-transferrable. Failure to possess a badge while at the pool is grounds for being asked to leave the pool.

• All applicants must possess a verifiable Landsdowne address to receive a pass.
• An address and phone number must be included for all Extended Family Pass requests.
• Badges will only be issued to households current on all dues, fines and other fees owed through 2nd quarter 2012 at the time of the pass application.
• In the event you have been late in paying dues two or more times over the last 2 years, we reserve the right to expedite dues payment through the end of the year prior to issuing your passes. No exceptions will be made-and all account status will be verified.
• For those living in a residence on a full-time basis during the 2012 Pool Season (May 26th thru September 9th) such as full-time, live-in caregivers, badges will be issued without additional charge. This does not include absentee family.

How to Submit an Application.

Applications submitted other than ways noted below will not be processed.

• A simple, online form may be completed by clicking the link to the 2012 Pool Pass Application here.
• You may apply in person at the pool on April 28th between Noon and 2 pm or at the Landsdowne Annual meeting on May 19th.
• You make request a PDF file of the 2012 Pool Pass Procedures and Application to be completed and returned by scanned or paper copy by sending an email to LandsdownePoolApps@Gmail.Com
• Applications may also be returned by US Mail to Landsdowne Pool Application (CP), PB Box 150727, Alexandria, VA  22315-0727 postmarked no later than May 19th..
• No applications will be received from, nor sent to, Armstrong Management services and/or Continental Pool Company at any time.
• The number of badges to be issued per household is limited to a total of six (6) permanent passes – regardless of how many people may be listed as living in a residence. This year, we are permitting an additional six (6) extended family passes to be issued at an additional cost, and carry all the benefits and responsibilities of that of the primary pool applicant.


• Each household will be issued one 10-punch guest pass per season. Each pass allows for 10 visits to the pool that shall be validated during each visit by a hole punch in the card. More than one guest may accompany a resident to the pool per visit but a hold will be punched for each guest. For example: the card has a total of 10 holes that can be punched so if two guest accompany a resident then two holes will be punched in the guest pool pass. If there are three guests there will be three holes punched, and so on.
• Members are limited to five (5) guests per household at any one time.
• Additional 10-punch guest passes may be purchased at a cost of $25 each throughout the season.
Other Badge Fees for 2012.

• Up to six (6) Extended Family Passes may be requested from the Landsdowne Pool Committee as part of your original application. The cost for each pass is $75 per badge and will be good for the entire 2012 Pool Season. These will be issued on a case by case basis.
• A lost badge issued to a primary pass applicant may be replaced at a cost of $15 for each new badge. Replacement of a lost badge more than once during a season will be at the discretion of the Landsdowne Pool Committee.
• A one time $25 fee will be assessed for all badges applied for after May 19th and/or picked up after May 28th. The only exception to the pool badge application and pick up schedule is for present residents with documentation showing absentee status during the application period or new residents with a move-in date after June 1st.
• All pool badge fees (late application fees and/or extended family pass fees Only) collected may be paid on line during the application period or as Cash Payments or Personal Checked made out to Cash at the time of pass pickup. All fees will be used for the benefit of the Landsdowne pool activities events, supplies and other pool-related needs.
Proof of residence for all applicants will be required at pass pickup and may include, but is not limited to a driver’s license, military or government ID or utility bills showing your name and address. If you are a renter, a valid lease will be required to be shown (we do not need to keep a copy). All applications will be processed and badges issued ONLY after all required information is submitted and any financial obligations owed the Landsdowne Community Association are satisfied.
The pool pass application process and pick-up is staffed entirely by volunteers. At no time will pool badges be issued by anyone other than a Landsdowne Pool Committee member.
Pool Pass Pick Up

• Wednesday, May 23rd  and Thursday, May 24th  at the pool 6 to 8:30 pm.
• Memorial Day Weekend, at the pool house on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 26th thru 28th from 11 am to 1:30 pm.

For general questions or information for swimming lesson schedule and cost, please contact the Landsdowne Pool Committee at . Thank you! 
Comment By: Kuldip Goyal
Posted on May 10, 2012

I am trying to get 2012 pool pass application for almost for the last 4 days. May be it is available on the websiste but I can not find it. The customer service sent me 2011 form twice. I need a copy of application which my tenant can print and fillout his information.

Electronic version is good but could not be used in all circumstances.