A Conversation with Captain Scott Smiley -- The 1st US Army blind officer
Posted on May 30th, 2011

Next Saturday, June 4th, the Journey is sponsoring one of our most unique community outreach events. Captain Scott Smiley (USA) and his wife Tiffany will appear at 4:00 PM and again at 6:00 PM at Lee High School. Captain Smiley is the US Army's first blind active-duty officer. The couple will share their inspirational story of how a family can survive even the most crushing crisis - in this case Captain Smiley's blindness and other injuries sustained in a terrorist bombing in Iraq.
Tickets are free. Just let us know by phone (703-971-0277), e-mail ( ) or fill out a ticket request which appearance you are coming to and the number in your party – you can pick them up at the ticket table at the event. If you can, please bring a donation of gently-used summer clothing or packaged dry food (cereals etc.) for our partners at Koinonia, the local community emergency assistance organization.
As a special preview to the event, you will also wish to listen to a live radio interview with Captain Smiley on Tuesday, May 31st. Tune into WAVA 105.1 FM at 4:15 PM.
Look forward to seeing you at Lee High School on Saturday!
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