Four Important Questions
Posted on Mar 19th, 2012

Now to the issues.  Please let us know your thoughts – should these be permitted?  If not, what do you suggest as an alternative or solution to all these concerns that presently exist on a regular basis within Landsdowne?  How would you like us to enforce these areas of concern if you feel change or attention is needed?  Please submit your comments to or any BOD member found on the Contact Us link.

1. Repair to vehicles in parking spaces within the townhomes.  (This includes oil changes, changing tires, general maintenance, fluid changes, etc.).  This does not include washing your car.  Presently, no portion of any property may be used for car repairs. Should this be permitted?
2. Storage of toys, bikes, etc. in the front yard for more than the time they are in use.  Presently, this is prohibited.  Do you see a problem with this or does it give our community a family feel?
3. Skateboarders are using more and more of the townhome streets as a skateboard park.  As recently as yesterday, no less than 10 kids (ages 8 to 17) were blocking at least a portion of one townhome street.  The flow of traffic was impeded.  There is no formal policy in place presently regarding skateboarding.  What are your thoughts?  Should it be allowed?  If so, where?  If not, why not?  How would you suggest we enforce this if you are against skateboarding within Landsdowne? If you object to skateboarding in Landsdowne -- what are your primary objections?
4. Use of portions of streets for small child play.  Many concerns have been received lately concerning the use of streets by small children as a bike riding area, hopscotch play area, a ball field, and other such areas.  In most cases parents are in the area, often at the beginning of a court or end to a street – and often, it has been stated, parents are not giving full time and attention to their children.  Several residents have expressed concern that this is an unsafe practice, does not allow them safe access to their own homes, and they feel this puts everyone at risk for a very serious accident just waiting for a time and place to happen.  What are your thoughts?  Do you feel this is an issue?  If so, what do you suggest as a remedy?  If you do not view this as an issue, why not?
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