Membership Management Upgrade
Posted on Feb 13th, 2017

Membership Management Upgrade - Effective March 1, 2017
Our website was recently upgraded and in order to complete the upgrade, we will be moving to a new version of the software that runs our website. Some of your profile information might not make it into the new version if it does not meet the new data requirements. So, we would like for you to log into the website and update your profile details so that we can have accurate information.
With the upgrade there will no longer be a User 1 and User 2. With the upgrade, each person will be converted to become their own User with their own unique login. For example, you currently have John Smith (User 1) and Jane Smith (User 2). However, Jane Smith also registered as her own User (User 1). After the upgrade, you will have a User for John Smith, a User for Jane Smith and another User for Jane Smith. Please check your profile, if your “user 2” has their own account, please remove them from your profile to avoid a duplicate record being created.
Please take a moment to make sure your username meets the requirements so that you will be able to login after the upgrade. The username can be 8-40 characters and contain these characters (a-z,A-Z,0-9,_,-,.,!,@,#). Unless you changed your username in your profile, by default it will be your email address. Use the forgot password feature on the login page if you have a password problem after the upgrade. Make sure the email address in your profile is correct as well.
There will no longer be children fields, instead each child will become their own User with their own login.  If you do not want an account created for your child(ren) please update your account now and remove them from your profile.
Email addresses must be unique across all Users.  Our functionality no longer requires an email address for every User and can be blank.  If a duplicate email address is found during the upgrade, only one of the email address occurrences will remain and the other email addresses will be deleted.
Children will be given an Access Level of PUBLIC. 
The data entered in the current child's name field will be placed in the first name field. Children will be given same last name as their associated User 1. Therefore, if a child's name was originally entered with a last name, the child will have 2 last names. This process will also result in an incorrect last name if the child does not have the same last name as their associated User 1.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns relating to the website upgrade, please email .
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