Beagle Captured Without Incident
Posted on Feb 2nd, 2012

After at least 4 long weeks, the adorable beagle who has been running free in Landsdowne has been captured safely tonight.  He will be taken to a local veterinarian tomorrow to be checked for a microchip and also to be evaluated medically.  Once that is completed the next step will be determined.
If, by any chance this is your dog -- or if you have information who it may belong to -- please let us know  (Cindi Potter -- 571-237-5813 --  If the owner is not located or if you wish to foster the dog or to give him a forever home please also let us know.
Thank You everyone who have spent hours and hours over the last 4+ weeks trying to located, feed, and capture the pup.  He is adorable and deserves better than a life running free.
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