"Fill the Wagon" FFCoPD Food Drive Visited Landsdowne on Sunday December 19th
Posted on Dec 15th, 2010

Update:  Landsdowne you are truly the best of the best.  The "Fill the Wagon" Food Drive, the initiative put forth by  Captain Shawn Bennett, Watch Commander, FFCoPD (Franconia District) was an unbelievable success.   We filled one side of the "paddy wagon" and people kept dropping off donations until 6:30 pm.  We were told we were by far and away the most successful satellite drop off site anywhere.  Yes, we are proud.
Thank you Landsdowne.  When we ask -- when anyone has a cause they believe in - you are there.  What an amazing community,  Happy Holidays everyone.  Thank you for opening your hearts once again and being willing to help.
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