The 2011 Budget
Posted on Dec 14th, 2010

By now, most of you have received notification of the upcoming 2011 budget and dues increase.  If you wish to discuss your concerns, please contact any Board member (addresses found on the Contact Us Page), Armstrong Management, or plan to attend the January 19th HOA/Board Meeting, 7:30 pm at the Kingstowne Center for Active Adults.  Everyone is welcome.
Copies of the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Budgets may be found by clicking the years earlier in this paragraph. 
Increased are largely predicated by increases in our service providers' multi-year contracts (trash, grounds, pool, maintenance).  Most discretionary items have remained the same for the last few years and generally come in under budget.  We are a 23 year old community and are showing our age so repair costs are also a necessity when dues increases are considered.  Residents can also help by doing simple things like not putting out trash early or items not taken with regular trash pick up.  This extra cost added thousands of dollars to our bottom line every year.
The dues increase this year is as follows: 
Town Homes -- went from $223.33 (2010) to $234.50 (2011) -- a quarterly change of $11.17 and a yearly increase of $44.68
Single Family -- went from $167.16 (2010) to $175.52 (2011) -- a quarterly change of $ 8.36 and a yearly increase of $33.44
All Board members are home owners, all pay the same dues as you do, and receive no compensation, or a break in fines -- so they absorb the same increases as all of you.
We know an increase of any sort is always hard to accept -- at any time.  We are always open to suggestions where we can do better, cut costs, or reduce services.  Your comments are welcome and appreciated.
Comment By: Jennifer Abbou
Posted on Dec 23, 2010

Can I please get a copy of the year-end 2010 actual income and expenses when they are completed. Thanks.