Snow Removal Is Continuing
Posted on Dec 21st, 2009

Snow removal continues -- and yes -- it is slow going.  Several people have let us know we are in much better shape than Island Creek, Hawthorne, and even Beulah Road.   We are the equivalent of a small town -- we have a 20 street coverage area -- plus two main through streets.  We are over 5 miles of roadway. 
We ask you to please be patient.  If your area truly has not been addressed AT ALL, please let us know immediately.  If you are finding you are inconvenienced because, though a pass has been made through your street only one lane is drivable but snow still remains on the street, or behind your car -- calls will only delay the process.  Please send an email to Landscaping.  They will address your concerns as quickly as possible with the plowing contractor.
Plows will push snow behind and beside your vehicles -- in many cases -- lots of snow.  You will need to dig that portion yourself.  The same with sidewalks.  The snow removal company is responsible for the streets themselves.
We have all learned lessons from this snow.  And we will do better next time.  In the meantime, please be patient.  If you have a medical condition that would cause you concern in a snow like this -- please do not wait 2 days, then let us know you are unable to get out, shovel your walkway or other issue.  We have neighbors who are more than willing to help -- with a little notice.
If you have constructive suggestions how to better address this type of situation in the future -- knowing the equipment can only be in a few places at any one time, knowing we have limited funds, and knowing limited resources please let us know. 
Please also do not forget, we all are experiencing the same degree of concern, inability to travel, and cabin fever.  We are being cleared absolutely as quickly as possible.  Thank you
Comment By: Barbara Scott
Posted on Dec 21, 2009

Thank you for all the hard work and monitoring the snow removal progress. I'm happy to report we are being plowed right now!

Comment By: Michael Claypoole
Posted on Dec 22, 2009

Since the mailboxes for the townhouses are on common property, when will the snow be cleared from them so mail delivery can resume?