How About Those Leaves?
Posted on Nov 22nd, 2010

Many Thanks to Premium Lawn and Landscape for a job well done!  Huge leaf piles were vacuumed away once the process got started.  Landsdowne now looks good. 
Do you have pictures of the leaves in your area?  Please add them to our Photo Album (Leaves & Fall 2010).
Our next leaf removal day is Saturday, December 11th.  Same as before.  Leaves piles and curbside by 1 pm.
Comment By: Jay Dick
Posted on Nov 22, 2010

Thanks Cindi for making this happen. It saved everyone I know on Bold Lion a lot of work!

Comment By: Cindi Potter
Posted on Nov 22, 2010

Received through email --<br /><br />Our leaf collection effort was a very value added service to the community from my perspective. Virtually every house on our street had a pile of leaves to collect. The truck came by our street (Old Marsh Lane) about 1500. Within about 30 minutes or less, they had collected all the leaves and were on to more of Morning Ride Circle. I had a pile about 3 feet high that was disposed of in about 1 minute. That saved me about 10 leaf collection bags and several hours of work!<br /><br />Thank you for this service!<br /><br />Jack Byers