What the "Flock" is That???
Posted on Nov 16th, 2010

The Hayfield ANGP (All Night Grad Party) is sponsoring a fundraiser for the Seniors at the high school. It is an activity the Seniors can attend in the evening after they have graduated. It is a way for them to hang out with their peers in a drug free, alcohol free environment. It takes place at Adventure Land this year.
To offset the cost of the buses, the activity and the food, (the kids still have to pay for their ticket), the Flamingo Flocking has been a long standing traditional fundraiser for the ANGP at Hayfield High School.
It consists of pink flamingos "flying" around the neighborhood. You can choose specific locations for them to stop and "flock" a friend or neighbor. There is a traveling flock, which you will see around the neighborhood right now. There is also a "Special Flock" (24 birds) which you can specifically ask to stop at a friend's house for a birthday, congratulations, etc. I have attached that flyer.
Anyway, we wanted the families in Landsdowne to enjoy the flock and know that if they choose to partake they are supporting a very worthy cause. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you want to forward anything about the Flamingo Flockings in the newsletter, you are welcome to do so. The roving flocks, which have been unleashed this week, will rove until Thanksgiving and then reappear in the spring again.
Thanks for your time.
Tawnie Jewett and Diane Rose
ANGP Volunteers, Hayfield Secondary School
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