Help Wanted -- Block Contacts Needed
Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

Landsdowne is more than just a grouping of homes.  It is equivalent to a small town in many ways.  We have 619 homes and over 2,000 residents -- each with the same concerns you might have in your own home town. 
Landsdowne has gone green when possible in our communication with you.  Our primary information source moving forward will be our website, email blasts and the community marquees.  We also realize that some people do not have email, somehow miss the marquees, and may not be aware we even have a website. 
We would like to ask for your assistance in keeping a small group of your neighbors "informed."  May we call upon you, a few times a month,  to let neighbors (of your choosing) know about events, important pieces of information, and to deliver print pieces when used.  In the event of emergencies, you would also be the POC for your section.  You would also be "the source" to let us know things that are happening in your section of Landsdowne for posting on the website. 
For questions, and to let us know your availability, please use the Comments section at the end of this article or use theContact Us (Communications) link on the website.
Thank you in advance! 
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