October 13th Email Blast
Posted on Oct 13th, 2009

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Dear Landsdowne Residents:
Ok Landsdowne -- we're talk'n Wednesday, October 14th -- 7:30 pm -- Kingstowne Center for Active Adults (right next to the library). What possibly could be more exciting that taking 90 minutes to drop by the October Landsdowne HOA and Board Meeting? Ok -- well perhaps there are a few things more exciting, we will admit.
If you can spare a little time, however, please plan to attend. This is your opportunity to ask questions, hear firsthand what is happening (and planned) here at home, and to just simply be involved. The meetings are informative, often fun, and a good way to let your own opinions and ideas be known.
So, Landsdowne, again we ask -- can you spare 90 minutes? We hope so. See you tomorrow evening! (And while you are at it, please "stop by" our new website ( -- the primary information source for all things Landsdowne.)
Thank you,
Landsdowne Board of Directors
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