Sharing the Roads Sidewalks and Trails
Posted on Oct 9th, 2009

Landsdowne is filled with walkers (dog and pleasure), runners, bikers, baby carriages, scooters, skateboarders ... the list is endless.  We all via for use of the same sidewalks and trails in our community. 
Sometimes, we are lost in our own world, it seems, when we are out enjoying the walking and running opportunities here in our own back yard.  Speaking for those who walk our dogs -- sometimes on short leashes, sometimes on long retractable ones -- we love the outdoors as much as our dogs do.  And it is reasonably safe to assume, we do not want our dogs to cause harm to anyone else while we are all enjoying fresh air.
Even the friendliest dogs do not like to be surprised and will often become extremely protective of their walkers and of themselves. This can manifest itself with what seems aggressive behavior -- barking, chasing the passerby, nipping, jumping, and other protective defense posturing. As a dog walker, it may take a second or two to bring the dog in close or even off the side of the walking area to allow walkers, runners, bikers, strollers to pass. 
In skiing, a common courtesy when overtaking another skier is "on your left, on your right" etc.  It allows for the safety of all concerned.  This is usually spoken with advance warning (a few seconds) to alert the person ahead of you you are about to pass.
So, Landsdowne, next time you are out and about and overtake a person with a dog -- please let the person and dog you are overtaking know you are about to pass -- with enough time to allow for the walker to put get the dog out of harm's and your way.  Even on a 6 foot leash, it takes a few seconds.  This simple gesture will allow everyone to enjoy their walk, run, stroll -- equally -- and safely. 
Thank you!
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