More Plow Updates
Posted on Jan 24th, 2016

More Plow updates and were we are now:
  • We have been keeping in contact with Premium Landscaping, our Snow Plow Company, throughout the entire storm and cleanup.  We hope that these E-mail blasts and website updates are helping keep the community, as a whole, informed. 
  • The plow company has "lost" many of their vehicles and equipment, due to this unprecedented "record breaking" snowfall.  As this snowfall is to the extent that it is, there have been many mechanical failures suffered by the plow company.
  • The plow company's crew have been working around the clock since the storm started and have now began a "refresh" period for the night, to resume operations in the morning.
  • The communities representatives (the Board of Directors) have kept contact to inform the plow company of the issues we have faced and our concerns, along with making sure to get regular updates on the plow company's operations and plan for Landsdowne.  We are making sure that the whole community's voices are being heard and acknowledged.  We will not stop working to make sure we have our community taken care of, and are making sure all are represented.
  • The company plans on returning in the morning at this point to continue operations and continue clearing our streets.
Key summary: This unprecedented "record breaking" snowfall will be on for the history books, but we are staying on top of things to make sure our residents are taken care of, and represented.  Plowing operations will resume tomorrow morning and carry on from there, but this will take multiple days to clear up in total.
Stay safe and well
Landsdowne HOA