Snow Plow Update
Posted on Jan 24th, 2016

There have been many questions on the plowing for this storm.  Here are some answers, as up to date, as much as we know:
  • Are the Plows coming back:  YES, We have been in touch with the plowing company and they are coming back to Landsdowne to work on the TH streets as soon as possible.  They plowed as much as practical on Friday and Saturday and are on their way back.
  • Why is it taking so long for to Plow and to come back:  As this is a "record" snowfall that means that all tasks related to this snowfall will take longer than usual.  The Plows are tasked to the max and are doing everything possible to prioritize and take care of all of their clients.
  • How can I help: Make sure to check in on your neighbors, we have had an amazing amount of community spirit of friendship and neighborly help through this "record" snowfall.  Many thanks are deserved to all.  
  • Items of note:  Remember if your vehicle is blocking access to any road, it cannot be Plowed!!  This will affect the whole community.  Make sure to not leave you vehicles in any street, out of an official parking spot, unattended.
Even though this may be a trying time, remember there is much to appreciate also.
  • We still have Power
  • We still have Water
  • We have an amazing community of great people
  • We have a winter majesty to enjoy!
Until the next update, all be safe and well.
Landsdowne HOA