When It Snows
Posted on Jan 26th, 2011

This year certainly is challenging to both predict the winter weather -- and to implement the proper response. So how are those decisions made anyway?
When ice, sleet or snow is predicted we keep in touch with both the weather forecasters and with our snow removal contractor.  The contract is also reviewed.   Safety will always be paramount in our decisions to treat our roadways (over 6 miles worth) or not.  An eye to the budget is also a concern.
A preliminary "what if" plan is put in place with input from the Landsdowne Board snow contact, our Landsdowne Site Administrator, (Armstrong Management) and our contractor.  If there is a question truly what if the best approach, the entire Board is contacted for discussion.  Generally, with less than 4" and no ice, no treatment will be justified.  If there is ice, and no snow, ice melt treatment combined with sand will be added.  If there is snow greater than 4" a decision to plow will be made. 
Because of an excellent working relationship with our contractor, we have the ability to make on the spot decisions as to the process that will best serve our needs.  Often this decision is not made until very early in the morning (someties between 1 and 4 am).  Once a process is in place, our contact is in touch with the removal crews every 2 hours for updates, problem areas, status reports and if they are taking a break.  Updates afe also posted here.
If and when plowing is justified, we know that sometimes icars might be plowed in  or depending on snow volume, using vacant spaces to pust the snow.  Street priority is determined by the snow contractor.  Our primary streets will be cleared first.  So please be patient.  Your streets will be treated as quickly as possible.  Eblasts and notes here will keep you informed where we are in the removal process. 
If snow fall is greater than 4" and expected to last more than aday, the tennis courts will be unlocked for dog play.  However, you are not permitted to use your own tennis key to unlock the courts.  The decision to open the courts is made at the Board level.
Please plan ahead.  You are responsible for clearing your own driveways and sidewalks.  If at all possible, and if you have a driveway -- please park there instead of on the street.  Try to create an informal "snow emergency plan" for streets in the single family homes.  Park cars on only one side fo the street so the plow can move snow all the way to the curb. 
Finally, please be patient.  Please help neighbors in need.  Snows, no matter how large only stay a relatively small amount of time.  And, if you have suggestions how we might do a better job in getting snow moved, please post your suggestions here or by email to