Reveille and Taps
Posted on Jan 25th, 2011

No -- you are not dreaming -- in stereo. Reveille and Taps have been heard by many residents the last few days. No, it is not a new Landsdowne initiative to get our residents out to exercise -- early (though some will admit, hearing it does get you out of bed -- not necessarily ready to greet the world).
We believe the music is coming from Ft. Belvoir. Most likely, it has been happening on a regular basis, but because of the dry weather conditions, and few leaves on the trees to muffle sound it is now finding its way to Landsdowne.
We have asked Armstrong Management to contact Ft. Belvoir to see if they would be willing to redirect or lower the speakers. We will keep you informed with the result.
With luck, they will be willing to consider our request. If not, we will see everyone dressed and ready to exercise on the soccer field promptly at 6:30 am ... or make that 0630. Hey, for those of us on a diet or new exercise routine -- maybe that is not such a bad idea.