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Community Leaf Pick Up
Posted on Nov 10, 2023
Premium Landscaping will be in the neighborhood tomorrow, November 10, 2023 for grounds clean up on the common areas.
They will be back on the morning of Monday, November 13, 2023 to vacuum the leaves from private lots. 
All leaves must be raked into the street (not on sidewalks or on the curb or in your driveway) and may not be blocked by any vehicles -- nor block the mailboxes (private or community) for pickup or your mail will not be delivered.

Leaf piles located in front of, between or directly behind parked cars will also not be picked up due to the potential damage to vehicles. The huge vacuum needs great maneuverability and access to do the job.

No Bagged leaves will be taken. This collection is for leaves only -- not branches or other yard debris.  Leaf piles only.

In the townhomes, please rake your piles to a central location at the end of each row for easiest removal. Leaves raked into piles in regular parking spaces (to the front or, or side of parked cars) will not be taken, especially if the space on either side is not also open.

Regardless of where the piles are created, please do not allow the piles to become so large that they impede a good traffic flow.
If you pile your leaves into the street, please be cautious and aware that they are magnets for kids (and pets) who love to jump into and play in them.  Always keep a watchful eye.  You will also need to re-rake any leaves that are used for play areas.
We will have another leaf pickup in a few weeks and will update you on when that will occur.
Thank you for your cooperation. 
Landsdowne Community Association
Website Access Renewal is Needed
Posted on Oct 4, 2023
Landsdowne Community,
We are updating the website's database and implementing several new features; it requires all currently registered users to renew their access; or register if necessary. 
Please log in to the website to renew your access as soon as possible (; ensure that all your contact information is up to date.
If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please use the username/password recovery options on the login page (
Please note, if your email says 'already' in use that means you already have an account created; so use the forgot username/password options to recover your information.
If you have any questions or are having issue regersting, please submit a ticket through the request manager (
Thank you.
Landsdowne Community Association
Website Under Construction
Posted on Sep 23, 2023
Community Members,
The website will be undergoing some reorganization and improvements over the next few months. Please be patient and please report any issues or suggestions you may have by Submitting a Ticket in the Request Manager. 
Thank you.
Landsdowne Community Association
Your Committees Need You
Posted on Sep 23, 2023
Community Members,
Landsdowne has several fantastic committee that the board relies on to conduct much of the business of the association.
Please consider joining a (or leading an inactive) committee: 
  • Communications (active) - Here
  • Finance (active) -  Here
  • Landscaping (active) -  Here
  • Pool & Recreation (active) -  Here
  • Special Events (inactive)  -  Here
  • Governing Documents (inactive)  -  Here
  • Neighborhood Watch (inactive) -  Here
If you are interested in joining or leading one of the committees that do not have a chair, please let us know by submitting a ticket (Linked Here) in the Request Manager. 
Thank you.
Landsdowne Community Association