Landsdowne Parking Committee -  The Parking Committee is staffed by a dedicated group of residents who volunteer their free time to help address resident parking concerns and issues. The goal of the parking committee is to find an optimal community parking solution for all residents. Parking committee objectives are to advise and assist the Board Of Directors (BOD): (1) in the development of parking policy and regulations; (2) in identifying and developing community acceptable parking related amendments to Landsdowne’s “Declaration Of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” (the Declaration); and, (3) in obtaining “buy-in” from the majority of community members on any proposed amendments to the Declaration. The committee also advises residents with parking concerns and issues, and; brings significant community parking matters to the BOD for resolution.
Current Year Meetings
April 2018 Agenda / Parking Committee Charter
April 2018 Parking Minutes
August Agenda
Previous Meetings
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August Meeting Packet

2017 Parking Space Recount 2016 Amendment - Community Concerns
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