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A brief overview of our present committees follows.  For additional information, requirements and needs of each committee,  please contact the various committee chairs,  If you wish to volunteer, please contact us as the committee directly. Members vary with the needs and interest of the community.  Often volunteers assist on a project by project basis. Their help is greatly appreciated.  The ARB is the only standing committee, and is required by the governing documents, that operates independent of the Board -- because the Board is the final decision maker in the event of an ARB appeal.  The Nominations Committee is also required by the governing documents, but is only formed once a year, before the Annual Meeting.  As a note, with the exception of the ARB, any committee that does have a chair, all responsibilities of that committee will fall to the Board of Directors.

Architectural Review Board - (Chair:  Kent Bonner) The ARB is supported by a dedicated group of homeowners that volunteer their time to interpret the community guidelines and evaluate exterior modification proposals. They take great pride in serving the Landsdowne community and maintaining the aesthetic character of its built environment.  The Architectural Review Board (ARB) serves several community functions, including, but not limited to:

  • Review and approve, modify, or disapprove written applications submitted by owners and the association for improvements or additions to the lots, living units, and common areas.
  • Conduct periodic inspections to determine compliance with the architectural standards and approved plans for alterations.
  • Adopts architectural guidelines, subject to modification by the BOD
Finance Committee - ( Chair: Shane McClung) The Finance Committee is a group of volunteers from our community who are charged with developing, implementing, overseeing and advising the Board on policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of the community budget and expenditures.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions relating to what the Finance Committee is working on,  please email 

Landscaping Committee - (Chair: Cindi Potter) Welcome to the Landscaping Committee (LC).  If you like getting dirty, and talking dirt – this is the committee for you.  The primary responsibilities of the LC follow:

  • Serves as the primary liaison between the Board, Management Company and landscaping and grounds contractors to review contracts, proposals and recommendations for primary services (grounds and watering) and enhancements.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board for short and long term plans to improve and maintain common ground, as well as areas needing immediate attention that pose a safety hazard to our community.
  • Works with in the established budget for this committee.
  • Solicits input from residents for common areas needing improvement or upgrades as well as ideas for modification and enhancements to improve overall curb appeal.
  • Works with the ARB on landscape modification requests.
  • Provides an educational resource to residents for proper upkeep, planting and maintenance of their own plants, shrubs and trees and gardens if requested.
  • Develops guidelines on plantings that may be a detriment to community common ground.
  • Encourages resident participation through sponsoring yards and homes of the month, gardening seminars, garden clubs and other activities to encourage community participation.
Everyone is welcome to join this committee – whether you are an experienced gardener or just want to learn.  For questions or to volunteer – 
Neighborhood Watch - (Chair:  TBD) This is not the Neighborhood Watch of years past. Do you walk the streets with your dog or for exercise? Do you come and go at odd hours? Are you home during the day? If so, you are already an informal member of Neighborhood Watch.  
  • This committee is an informal group of concerned residents who serve as a liaison between the Landsdowne Community, the Board of Directors and the Fairfax County Police. 
  • Partner with the Fairfax County Police to deter crime and make Landsdowne a safe place to enjoy. 
  • Contact the Police Non-Emergency Number (703.691.2131) or the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator  with any suspicious activity.
  • Educate your neighbors on simple safety precautions for the protection of all of Landsdowne.
  • Organizes the Police National Night Out event, the second Tuesday of August each year. 
Nominations Committee - (2022 Chair: Jay Dick) This committee is required by our By-Laws.  It shall consist of a Chairman, who shall be a member of the Board of Directors, and two (2) or more members of the Association.  The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors sixty (60) to ninety (90) days prior to each annual meeting of the members, to serve until the close of such annual meeting.
The committee prepares a candidate application form to be filled out by potential candidates so they could provide information about themselves to be shared with the community prior to the election.
Reviews Governing Documents for Election and Proxy Compliance.
Pool Committee - (Chair: Toni Freeland)  The Pool committee is charged with overseeing the maintenance of the community pool and patio area. The goal of the committee is to ensure that residents are satisfied with the state of the facility and that they are able to enjoy their time using it. The committee generally meets monthly to discuss safety issues, the state of equipment, our relationship with the pool management company and other vendors, and residents' needs and concerns. If you are interested in joining the Pool Committee or would like to send a question or comment, please email committee Chair at
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